Bluetooth is a trademarked wireless technology that connects devices. Although there are many wireless technologies, Bluetooth has become a universal standard in wireless connectivity.

If you are using a modern device that has a wireless connection feature that connects to other devices, more than likely it uses Bluetooth to do so.


Do You Need Bluetooth?

You don’t need it. It is a convenience feature. But with today’s technology becoming ever so wireless, having devices with Bluetooth capabilities will help you to integrate your devices wirelessly with ease.

As of today, most wireless devices will come standard with Bluetooth. Soon it will not even be a thought whether or not a device has Bluetooth.

The choice that you likely have to make is whether you want your devices to be wireless rather than wired. For instance, if you are in the market in buying a stereo system, you will have the choice of opting in for wireless speakers or wired ones. Bluetooth is the technology that you want to look for if you want the wireless.

Having wired or wireless devices is a matter of preference. Wireless provides a cleaner look and easier setup. 

What Devices Uses Bluetooth?

There are billions of devices that use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Here’s a list of the top 10 Bluetooth devices of everyday life:

  1. Wireless Headsets – Hands-free cell phone headsets, stereo headsets, video game headsets, etc.
  2. Smart Watches
  3. Wireless Stereo Speakers
  4. Computer Keyboard & Mouses
  5. Car Stereos – Most modern car stereos come equipped with Bluetooth functionality to enable a wireless connection to your cell phone for a hands-free talking solution that syndicates your phone call through your car stereo.
  6. Cell Phones – Every modern cell phone should have Bluetooth compatibility.
  7. Video Game Controllers
  8. Computer/Laptop
  9. Tablets/iPads
  10. Printers

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