Much like other communication technologies out there from telecommunications to the internet, they all seem harmless on the surface but there is always a security risk when dealing with communication technology. And Bluetooth technology is no exception. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables devices to communicate with other devices. This allows potential hackers to hack your Bluetooth enabled devices.

There are several ways hackers can trespass against you:


Bluejackers – Hackers that send unwanted messages to your Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

Bluesnarfers – Hackers that steal personal data from your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, laptop, and tablets).


It’s a rare occasion to be hacked via Bluetooth. In fact, there’s only one friend that I know has gotten Bluetooth hacked. He speculates that he was hacked while fulfilling a job for his Hawaii carpet cleaning company.

But, not to fear, there’s a lot that you can do to protect your equipment, personal data, and identity from being hacked from your Bluetooth enabled devices. Here are 6 Bluetooth security & safety tips: 

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